Shanghai Xinyu Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd.

Shanghai Xinyu Chemical Technology Co., Ltd, formed in 2005, company is located in Shanghai’s southern gateway-Minhang Industry Trade Area.
It is an Industry and Trade Company which professionally produces various reflective materials and other pressure-sensitive adhesive, branching
out into the sale of diversified medical dressings and fine chemical products.
Our company has professional management team and technical staff, flexible marketing model and adopted quality assurance system (ISO9001: 2000). Use “excellence, dedicated,” as service guidance, offering customers high professional cost-effective products. With the guidance of exert every effort to perform our duties, keep a clear conscience , we provide the technology support and entire service. Complementary and win-win cooperation,” is our goal, we anticipate mutual-benefit in the fierce competition. Our company is becoming bigger and bigger with the guidance of people oriented management philosophy.
Company products include reflective tape, all kinds of reflective film, reflective cloth, and other various types of reflective products, and various self-luminous production (fluorescence) products. Especially the “high strength grade acrylic reflective tape,” have passed “CCC” certification and the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) certification, excellent performance, cost-effective, the product has been sold nearly 48 countries and areas all over the world.
Pressure-sensitive adhesive are mainly the following: all non-slip tape, security tapes, soundless tape, stationery tapes, soaks soft adhesive tapes, double-sided (single-sided) tape. Especially the anti-skid tape and security tape, all be our company s most competitive products.
Our company also has medical high-tech products-autolysis haemostatic gauze, a medical three dressing. The body can self absorb without cleaning after cicatrisation. It is used to stop bleeding trauma emergency treatment. This is a very promising product.
The company is committed to the establishment of a platform: a service
Platform for person with lofty ideals, a platform to exert talent advantage
a platform of integration resource, a platform with close cooperation.
Eventually it will be a polymer of social responsibility.